Helping families grow together in faith is an awesome task! Inspiring young people to learn more about and explore their faith is such a significant part that effort. We invite all children and youth to take part in our programming activities for the 2019-2020 school year by registering through the links below.

Mission Monday!

Next week - MONDAY JULY 27th from 9:30 AM - 9:30 PM at Inspire
For 6th Graders - 12th Graders
Our middle school/high school groups will have the

opportunity to help out at Heavens Helpers Soup Cafe

for the day in shifts along with help out in their own Youth

wing here at Inspire. We finally have 2 more rooms!!! Big YAY!

We will be adding a game room and a senior high room. Both

of those rooms will need some work before we can use them.
Lunch & Supper will be served at Inspire
Bagged lunch and pizza for supper (we will be safe with the COVID guidelines)
After supper, we will end the day of hard work with a bonfire and yard games across the street in the park area.
Registration - $10.00 per student

Email Carole to register by clicking HERE


Children in Kindergarten through 2nd grade can learn the same age-appropriate curriculum the congregation is learning via the preaching. The Gospel Project for Kids is an excellent curriculum that is fun, relevant and bible-centered. Kids are dismissed from worship right before the sermon and return at the end of service.

9:00am | Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

9:00am | 3rd - 5th Grade

10:45am | Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

10:45am | 3rd - 5th Grade


252 KIDS | K-1 group OR 2-3 grade

A super-fun hour of learning featuring the amazing Orange 252 Kids curriculum. Creative, engaging, bible-based - your student will love coming to IGNITE Wednesday. This hour preps the kids for the topic during the IGNITE Family Worship Hour that follows (7PM). Adult groups are also offered during this time.

PRE-TEEN | 4-5th grade

This group is especially designed for those grade 4-5 Pre-Teen kids. Creative, engaging, and relevant - 252 PreTeen will help your student grow in their faith. This hour helps prep kids for the IGNITE Family Worship Hour which follows at 7PM. Adult groups are also offered during this time.

MIDDLE SCHOOL XP3 | 6-9th grade

Teens love IGNITE Confirmation! This group meets from 6-7PM. XP3 Confirmation group is creative, fun, relevant and really helps kids grow their faith in a challenging world. The content of this hour preps the students for the topics addressed during the IGNITE Family Worship Hour that follows (7-8PM). Attendance at XP3 Group and IGNITE Family Worship is a requirement of Inspire's Confirmation Program.

HIGH SCHOOL XP3 | 9-12th grade

IGNITE Wednesday XP3 Sr. High group really connects to the challenges kids face today. Real life faith discussions and videos in a comfortable coffee bar setting. Led by Pastor Randy, this group will explore issues that young adults face today while preparing them to be genuine, faithful Christians in today's world. Sr. High students are strongly encouraged to attend the IGNITE Family Worship Hour beforehand (7-8PM). Meets 8-9:30PM following the IGNITE Family Worship Hour.


Have little ones that just can’t make it through a service?  Not to worry!

The Nursery crew is a great team of volunteers who take care of your kids like they were their kids.


Learn more about these important milestones HERE!

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