Growing spiritually together as a family is one of INSPIRE’s highest values and priorities. Below are listed the important milestones your children will experience as they grow up at INSPIRE.



Baptism is a really big deal at INSPIRE. It was a big deal to Jesus (He commanded it) – it’s a big deal to us! We recognize the practice of baptism as a wonderful, mysterious, inclusive event in a person’s life. Thus, we gladly celebrate and practice baptism for ALL ages, and embrace both sprinkling and full water immersion (depending upon age, circumstances, and preference).
Though we are happy to accommodate private ceremonies where circumstances dictate, it is our desire to celebrate baptism within the context of worship amidst the family of INSPIRE.


During a student’s fifth-grade year special instruction will be given for their First Communion. This special instruction may involve a fun overnight event when possible.

It is very important at INSPIRE that students understand and revere the significance of communion prior to receiving it. It is a very special moment involving the whole family and will occur during the Holy Week services leading up to Easter Sunday.

Following Confirmation, students are welcome to continue leading and participating in the Wednesday IGNITE worship services as well as the Sr. High Group led by Pastor Randy.



At the beginning of the third-grade year on Reformation Day (last Sunday of October), our children will receive their first personal Bible.
When possible, special instruction will be given to these students during their Children’s Church time prior to receiving their Bible. This moment will be celebrated within the context of worship among the larger INSPIRE family.


INSPIRE seeks to make Confirmation a time of training that the whole family can enjoy and grow from, without undue burden on their busy schedules. The Wednesday night IGNITE service is for the whole family but especially built to be part of the Confirmation curriculum. These Wednesday night activities include a family mealtime, a group learning hour for various age groups, and the highly creative and biblical IGNITE worship hour. This allows the family to arrive and leave together.
Other experiences will also make up the INSPIRE Confirmation experience, including local, national, and international mission trip opportunities, as well as an annual summer family mission retreat led by Pastor Randy.
Once students have completed their Wednesday night and mission trip requirements, they become eligible to confirm their faith at any of the INSPIRE worship services where they will give their testimony, receive prayer, and affirm their baptism. It is an awesome celebration!
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