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The Inspired Life

Join Pastor Randy, Ernie, and Sage as they discuss what it means to be new to a relationship with Jesus Christ and what that means for your life.

Episode 1: There has to be More to Life than This.

Episode 2: Who is Jesus

Episode 3: Why did Jesus die?

Episode 4: How do I have Faith?

Episode 5: How and Why do we Pray?

Episode #6 How and why I should read the Bible.

Episode 7: How does God guide us?

Episode 8: How can I resist temptation?

Episode #9 How and Why Should I Tell Others

Episode #10: Does God still heal today?

Episode 11: What about the Church?

Episode 12: Who is the Holy Spirit?

Episode #13 How can I make the Most of the Rest of my Life?

Episode #14 What about Hell?

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