Welcome Back!

June 20th and 23rd

Camp Registration DUE!!

We will not be accepting any more Camp NebWyoDak registrations after July 1.  Please make sure you are registered and have paid the registration ($300 if you registered before June 11th. $320 if you registered after June 11th.  Get your registrations into Carole, Kate, or Ernie today!

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July 4th doesn't often land on a Sunday so we have decided to not have service on Sunday, July 4th, 2021.  Spend that time with your family celebrating the freedom this country offers us.  We will have service on Tuesday, July 6th.  If you have not been to a Tuesday service, this will be a great way to check it out!  We will be Live-Casting that Tuesday Service. 


Inspire Arts Academy Kicks off with Orchestra!

Inspire Arts Academy got started with 160 elementary students who learned about Jesus and how to play in an orchestra.  They will have a concert on July 15th.  Stay tuned for more details! 


Inspired Tuesdays 

Out of town on Sundays during the summer?  Don't miss in-person worship, come to Inspired Tuesdays Summer worship at Inspire starting June 8 through Sept 7th.  Service begins at 5:30 pm with pizza after.  All the great worship of Sunday, but on Tuesday evening!  One Sunday service at 10:45 during this period.