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Holy Week 2022

Did you miss any of our amazing Holy Week at Inspire in 2022?  Catch up now by watching 2 of our 3 amazing services. (Technology was not with us on Good Friday)

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday at Inspire is the celebration of 1st Communion by our 5th graders.  Prior to the service, the 5th graders learn about the significance of Holy Communion and about the Seder Meal.  This was traditionally the Passover  Meal the Jews celebrated to remember their passage out of Egypt and slavery.  Follow along as Pastor Randy, Pastor Ernie, and Youth Coordinator Carole walk through this amazing tradition and celebrate our 5th graders as they partake in their 1st Communion. 

Easter Sunday 

Easter at Inspire is a big deal.  This year we set up the sanctuary in the round.  We harkened back to Christmas by opening with a Christmas song.  He's Alive is a long-standing tradition here at Inspire and we love singing it on this special day.  At Inspire we believe worship is NOT just for spectators so we are interactive.  We invite you to sing along and participate in worship with us. 

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