Small group fellowship can have a big impact on your life. Join one of our adult enrichment programs to delve into your faith, share your views, get support, and engage with your community at Inspire.

Groups include:

  • Ignite Wednesday Women's Life Group Find a mid-week oasis among Inspire friends! Bible guided, but driven by small group sharing, this group will give you a chance to share your heart, learn from the word, and re-center your soul. This group meets Wednesday nights from 6 to 7 pm during Ignite.  Join Nicole Peske and work through the book Seamless by Jenny Alen. 

  • Ignite Wednesday Men's Life Group Join Don Reiner and Christ Nyhus as they lead a fascinating and powerful study on the life, times, and faith of Joseph. This epic is filled with inspiring lessons regarding how to handle disappointment, trusting God through adversity, seeing the big picture, calling, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Lots of real-life applications and discussion time. Great for Bible beginners as well as seasoned studiers. Sign up and invite your friends! Sign up here

  • New Member Class Are you ready to take join the journey and move from attender to an official Inspire family member?  At Inspire our vision is based upon Ephesians 2:10  - We are works of art, investing in works of art.  In other words, in Christ we are made works of art, and in Christ we are called to invest and help others to become works of art.  That is the Inspire mission and mindset.  In this luncheon/class we will get know each others story, the Inspire story, and explore the privileges and responsibilities of being an official participant in the Inspire family and mission.   Sign up here

  • Inspire QuiltersCome join us for fellowship, learning and sharing, a sense of accomplishment, and good food. We meet the 1st Saturday of each month from 11:00 AM TO 5:00 PM  at the church— last room in the adult wing. Our goals are to make quilts and blankets for those in need. Experience: Beginner to Advanced( we take care of each other)
    Always looking for donations for supplies or cotton material.


Bible Lessons


The Christian Bible is made up of 66 books from almost as many authors written over a 1600 year span – yet tying together to tell a unified story. It is without question the most unique literary work in history. It has literally changed the lives of billions of people, as well as the course of history through the devotion given to it from many leaders. 

Here is a suggested approach for learning how to read the Bible, as well as a plan for surveying the big story of scripture. It is not about how much Scripture you get through – but how much Scripture gets through you!