Belong – Believe – Become. That’s the Inspire way.
It’s rooted in what you have always hungered for – peace, life, connection, and a real relationship with God himself.  Come join us.
Worship Service
9:15 & 10:45am


Wednesday Worship

Meal at 5

Classes at 6

Service at 7

Inspire's Covid Policy

"Inspire FF recognizes the ongoing presence of COVID 19 and its variants in our lives.  Prior to when people had choices and the option of vaccination, Inspire took reasonable precautions.  However, since the choice of effective vaccines have become available, we feel it is best to honor people's individual choices.  There will be no mask or vaccination mandates.  People are free to attend, wear or not wear masks, or participate via our online worship webcasts depending upon their comfort levels.  We recognize the existence of break-through infections, but also recognize the official data from Federal and State sources which shows that vaccinated people with these infections have only mild-moderate symptoms.  We encourage people to be safe making whatever choices they see fit.  As always, this current policy is subject to change with the accumulation of future data."

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