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Covid UPDATE: 


At this time 11-14-20, Inspire will be going to ONLINE ONLY for SUNDAYS.  Please join us at 10:45 by clicking here


Our WEDNESDAY Ignite services will continue with a renewed focus on wearing masks and being socially distant when possible.  We will have a meal at 5, classes at 6, and service at 7.  Parents please help us by being in the fellowship hall during the service so we can keep our numbers down and our youth in the sanctuary during this service.  Also, keep in mind that our sanctuary has the HALO UVC light sanitation system which neutralizes COVID for an added layer of safety and it will be installed in the classrooms in the near future.


Why are we doing Sundays this way?  We have chosen to go online-only on Sundays because our population on Sunday is in the higher risk factor for being hospitalized.  We are trying to do what is responsible and respectful in terms of what the governor and the state are asking of all North Dakotans.   At Inspire we say get used to different, and we are proud of our history of being flexible with service changes.   Thanks Inspire for all your work during this time.


Why are we still doing Wednesdays full programming?  For several reasons.  First it is more important than ever for our youth’s mental health by being together where and when they can.  As of now, they have just lost all of their extracurricular activities and they are desperate for connection.  We have been extremely proud of how well our youth at Inspire have been following the health department’s safety guidelines.  It should also be noted that we only have 3 IGNITE Wednesday services left before we break for Christmas.  (We will be doing our Thanksgiving service online only)  We are praying the situation in the state improves by the time we come back from the break in January, but will adjust plans at that time as needed.  


At Inspire we follow the cues given by the Bismarck Public Schools.  As of now, the schools are still meeting Monday through Friday and as long as they do, we feel that we can meet for our short time on Wednesday nights.  We have also been in contact with other churches in the community, several of which have indicated that they plan to continue with their similar programs. 


Can we do this and follow the Health Department’s guidelines?  The short answer is yes.  As of right now, we are exempt from some of the regulations that were just announced. Exemption item K in the health officer’s order states masks are not required “When an individual is participating in a religious service at a faith-based organization, provided that physical distancing is maintained to the extent possible between persons who are not members of the same household.”  At Inspire our participants wear the masks anyway.


The truth of the matter is we have been operating this way for quite some time.  With only 3 services left before the break we feel we can continue to stay vigilant and be as safe as we possibly can while still providing a quality service that is meaningful and will help our youth continue to grow in their spirituality and maintain critical mental health during these difficult times. Remember for those of you who are not comfortable attending in person on Wednesdays, we continue to offer an online option for the service at 7 which can be found on our website and on Facebook.

We will be implementing temperature checks at both entrances starting on Sunday, Aug 2nd.  If your temperature is above 100.4 F we ask that you join us online instead of in person.  Thank you for your cooperation. 



Sunday LIVE CAST worship at 10:45 am HERE 


Wednesday IGNITE!!! Stream Live at 6:45 pm HERE

(live casting begins 15 min before service)


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